Angela Youngs, the founder of Ground Soap


Over a decade ago, we started developing 10 soap recipes using skin-nourishing ingredients. Since then, we've sold our soaps to people around the world while staying true to our core values. Though we've tweaked our recipes and figured out better processes, we still sell the same 10 soaps because we—and our customers—love them.

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The Kitchen Sink by Ground Soap
The Kitchen Sink is a dish soap bar by Ground Soap
  • Jerod B.

    Good stuff right here. This product is great on my skin in the winter and the summer—hard to find that quality!

  • Joanne G.

    Love Your Skin. I use this bar all over as I have dry skin and the older I get, the drier. Taking good care of your skin is so important at any age and this healing, rejuvenating bar is just the ticket for giving yourself a healing treat!

  • Joan W.

    This is only my second order but it won't be my last—love this soap. My skin never feels dry or flaky after my shower and the amazing.

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