Funny Names

We're a Canadian company committed to helping people make healthy choices in caring for their skin. We started with the idea that people would appreciate having a completely natural and organic option to commercial soap products and started designing the most awesome soap using the best organic ingredients and amazing blends of essential oils. We made up funny names for our blends and created colorful and fun packaging.

Along the way we also discovered that there were pretty big problems in the health and beauty industry as a whole with synthetic and chemical ingredients. Worse yet was that there were no standards for regulating these ingredients to keep people safe from exposure to things like carcinogens, parabens and compounds that mimic estrogen that are regularly used in beauty products. Instead of raging against the industry we set out to simply provide healthy and natural options to these products. We wanted to gently help people understand where the pitfalls were and that it doesn't take drastic measures to make healthy choices.

Now almost ten years later we're still here and going stronger than ever. We've met thousands of like minded people and companies and have had the pleasure of learning and sharing both with them and from them. We feel like we're part of a wave of enlightenment in the industry and that's very exciting. Our soap products have been certified to meet the stringent European REACH guidelines for cosmetics and have been recommended by the Observatoire des Cosmétiques in France. Most recently we were one of 27 companies (and the only Canadian) endorsed by Slow Cosmetique in 2017 which recognizes products with the cleanest ingredients and best manufacturing practices.  

We've refined what we do along the way; better suppliers, a bigger shop and lots of heeded business advice, but we're still giving our products funny names and they'll always be healthy for you and your family.

  Angela Youngs