We use nothing but pure and natural vegetable ingredients in our products, 95 to 99 percent of which are certified organic. We only use pure and natural essential oils to scent our products and that means that even people who are sensitive to scent usually have no adverse reaction to it.

We've discovered that many of us have chronic skin issues that are caused by the very skin products that we use daily. Many more suffer from seasonal dryness and skin irritation that can be further irritated by using commercial products made with sub-standard ingredients, synthetic preservatives and processing by-products that are actually know to be skin irritants.

WE HOLD OURSELVES TO A HIGHER STANDARD. The highest standard actually. We choose to only use the best kinds of oils and butters on earth and we source them only from certified organic producers around the world. We then lovingly blend them into our products using low temperatures in order to retain all of their natural enzymes and nutrients. This ensures that the moisturizing and healing benefits of these exotic oils are intact when you use our products on your skin. Best of all, there is no filler, no preservatives, and nothing artificial; just pure and potent skincare made by nature and brought to you by Ground Soap.  

Olive Oil 

We use cold-pressed Virgin Organic Olive Oil from Spain. It is a big ingredient in our bar soap because of it's anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties and is well known to be a good moisturizer.

Shea Butter

We have an ongoing love affair with Shea Butter! We Love! Love! Love it! The fact that African mothers have been slathering their own skin and that of their babies with it for thousands of years is enough to convince us that it's pretty special stuff. The Shea nut grows wild in West African countries where they are hand picked and crushed. The oils are collected after being melted out over wood fires and made into a paste. Ours comes from a certified organic co-operative in Ghana. You can find it in our soaps and as the main ingredient in our skincare products.     

Cocoa Butter

From the same bean that brings you chocolate brings us Cocoa Butter. And just like chocolate it's full of antioxidants. It is a very deep moisturizing butter and is known for its anti-aging and wrinkle busting abilities. We use certified organic Cocoa Butter from the Philippines.

Coconut Oil

OK, it's the buzz oil of the decade but it's for good reason. It is incredibly moisturizing and full of healthy vitamins and natural enzymes that are known to be antibacterial and anti-fungal. Ours is certified organic from the Philippines.

Mango Butter

This soft butter is wild harvested from the nut of the mango fruit in India. It is known for its healing properties and is a powerful antioxidant.


We use herbs in our products in several different ways. Some are used for their holistic benefits, some as exfoliants and some just to add a splash of color. We source them from one supplier and all are organically grown.

Essential oils

We use no scent other than essential oils. We love going to the smelling room at our supplier and carefully choosing just the right oils from all over the world with which to concoct our creations. We hear all of the time from people who say that they are normally sensitive to scents but our products don't offend their senses at all. The real thing costs more but hearing that is worth it.

Learn more about lavender essential oil, orange essential oil, and lemon essential oil in our bar soaps.

What's missing?

You'll never find ingredients in our products that are harmful to environments or the people who produce them. WE'LL NEVER USE PALM OIL! Why? Because the high demand in our industry for this cheap oil means that habitats for thousands of species are routinely being destroyed to make way for massive palm plantations. This is only the worst example of many in a growing industry that is doing everything they can to convince consumers that their products are "Natural". Some make a claim of being "organic" or "natural" based on one ingredient that only appears way down on the list. Others use ingredients that are grown unethically and cheaply. Still others just use the color green on their packaging.

We believe that there are many people who want no part of all that. We believe that there is a market for products that are truly pure and organic and that these people value products they can trust to be authentic. We also think that creating products like this is healthier for environments, producers and for your skin.